Monday, February 16, 2009

Cats Tuesday: Is George the World's Toughest Cat?

George Barton Cabot - 07 by you.
In July, my Zorro won third prize in the World's Hardest Cat Competition at Little Cat Diaries. The contest is on again and closes on February 22, so run quick and enter your toughest kitty! I won a copy of the book Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man. I have no desire to win this year, but I will submit these photos of George Barton Cabot yawning. He looks ferocious but he's a sweetie. Zorro and I had our moment in the sun — now it's the turn of some other fortunate and tough cats! E-mail your photo of your tough guy or gal to or leave a link to your photo at Little Cat Diaries. Don't delay! The deadline is February 22! (Tom & Janet Cox and Under the Paw are on Facebook, too. Follow them there.)

George Barton Cabot - 13 by you.

George Barton Cabot Set on Flickr

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  1. Good photos of George the Toughie, but I reckon he was only My two are wussy pussies...wouldn't know what tough was if it jumped up and bit them on the tush.

  2. Cats look so dangerous when they are yawning (at least on pictures)
    I am scared !!!
    Thanks for the tip and link to Little cat diaries.


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