Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ducks or Geese

Ducks or Geese? - 31 by you.
I drove by a farm in Westmore, about 3 miles from the house, and the geese (or ducks, I don't know the difference) were eating grain or corn put out for them. A very large group of mallard ducks were with these ducks but they flew off as soon as I came near. A flock of turkeys was close by, also. I was able to take dozens of photographs that can be seen in my Ducks and Geese Set on Flickr.
Ducks or Geese? - 01 by you.



  1. The bottom picture is a goose. Great shots

  2. Geese usually have longer necks and are more upright when they walk than ducks. The ganders are very aggressive, too but make good watch dogs with their honking and willingness to attack anything...especially humans.


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