Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Fractal: Nova: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

The Basic GraphNow that I have the Internet again, I have a lot of blogging to do. That's why there are two Friday Fractal posts tonight. Hunting the Hidden Dimension is the perfect introduction to fractals. You can watch this PBS video online now by clicking the link on the title. There is another PBS site, the Hunting the Hidden Dimension homepage, where you can explore fractals with an interactive applet and even create your own (as I did, above).

If you are a teacher, you will find a teacher's guide with an interesting classroom activity. You can stream the program for free on a projector at school, do the activities, let your students lose with free fractal software and see what happens! I'm going to suggest this as an After School Program at school.

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  1. This is great program on Nova, I started watching and I added the NOVA special to my Netflix Q.


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