Monday, February 09, 2009

Heads or Tails: Love Story

Mama never forgets her birds,
Though in another tree —
She looks down just as often
And just as tenderly
As when her little mortal nest
With cunning care she wove —
If either of her "sparrows fall,"
She "notices," above.

Emily Dickinson
c. 1860
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  1. I'm squinting trying to read what it says on the picture, then I scroll down just a bit and smack my forehead. Duh! :P

    I think mothers of all kinds, even we humans, continue to watch.

    Nice to see you again. :)

  2. Yes, mothers are so important. A great message.

  3. indeed a mother's love will always be there.

    thanks for stopping by my HOT!

  4. This is awesome.
    A great 'love' story blog.

    My H o T is quite different, but Barb let us have free reign and stretch the subject...I stretched and stretched this one.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. LOVE IT!!! I ♥ her poetry. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Beautiful image and words :)

    My HOT entry is here

    Thank you for stopping by! :)

  7. Nicely done. Love the photo and, of course, those memorable words.

  8. Awww, that's so cute, Andree. Great love picture.


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