Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter Weekends

We do other things in the winter besides cook and eat. The bird feeders require replenishing. Matt took these photos. Above you see the bird tree. I have added another thistle feeder sack because the redpolls are flocking by the dozens to them. Below you can see me, in my warm winter robe, leopard jammies that were a gift from my sister, and my boots, smearing all-natural, organic peanut butter on the bird tree. Today I put blobs of peanut butter on the tree instead of one huge smear. The chickadees and blue jays kept slipping off of the large area of peanut butter. Now they can safely peck away at it.
Amy spends her evenings knitting with Mouse Cat and Sophie Dog (below).



  1. Love the photo of you out there on your jammies, Andree...heheh.

    What a beautiful cat Mouse is and isn't that a typical dog...taking up all the lounge.

  2. I know more happen then eating and sleeping during the cold winter months but I have to say I'm looking forward to spring and the snow gone.

    Coffee is on.


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