Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cats Tuesday: Consolation Prize

Remember how I had entered George and Possum in the Toughest Cat Competition? I didn't win, but I did win a consolation prize from PeoplePets.com, the new website on pets from PEOPLE MAGAZINE. They are doing an article on the Toughest Cats and Baby Possum will be featured! Go to this new pet site and create profiles of your cats!

Wednesday, March 4 (tomorrow) is Cat Day! I found out about this on Facebook but you don't need to be on FB to participate. I have not been able to get a link outside of FB for this event. The Facebook invitation has a great list of suggestions for celebarting Cat Day:

1. Wear clothes with cats on them!
2. Dress up as a cat!
3. Strike up a conversation with someone you don't know very well about a vat!
4. Eat a kit kat bar!
5. Bring your cat to school!
6. Make cat noises!
7. Watch cat videos on youtube!
8. Listen to Cat Stevens!
9. Visit www.icanhascheezburger.com
10. Eat cat food!
11. Dress up your cat!
12. Watch cat movies!
13. Read books about cats!
14. Listen to/sing songs about cats!
15. Think about cats!
16. Chase mice!
17. Bring a picture of your cat to school to show your friends!

Post your Cat Day photos there at Facebook!

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To visit other participants, visit Gattina


  1. Cute picture. I don't know WHY it did not win...

  2. That is just too cute. Cats rule!

  3. Lovely picture. We live cats all day. But we don't dare dress them up :-)

  4. Hi Andree

    I just love the post! Congrats on winning a prize!

  5. Better a little price than nothing ! congratulations !
    I prefer to stay away from Facebook, my son once published pictures of his holidays in Iceland on Facebook and to look at them I had to become member ! Since then I am bombarded with "friends" I don't even know and it would take me 25 h a day to follow them up ! I just don't go there anymore, lol ! (my son neither, he suddenly had 272 friends !!)

  6. In my opinion the pic should have won! It's so cute!
    I'll checkout the Cat Day at Facebook!


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