Sunday, March 01, 2009

My First Brioche

Last week I went to King Arthur in Norwich, VT and found a brioche mix and pans (which I can't find up here in the Kingdom). So I bought two brioche pans and 1 mix and made it today. How delicious! But look: they are too brown, too big for the pans, and my topkknots? Where are they? One fell off and the other slipped down and looked like a wart! The mix is fantastic. No chemicals. You add a stick of butter (and use real butter — who would use anything else?).

I'm ordering two more pans right now. We've never had brioche before and are amazed at how light and flaky this bread is. Apparently the French eat one of these for breakfast with jam. These pans seem a rather big for one person, though. Click on King Arthur link, go to the store there, and order your mix and pans now. (No, I'm not getting paid for this post. But if KA wants to send me some stuff — well, I'll let them!)

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