Sunday, April 26, 2009

Activity at Beaver Pond 5

We climbed down Willoughby Lake Road to look at the new beaver activity on pond 5 of May Brook. They have cut down trees on both sides of the brook, enlarged the dam, and even built a new lodge right on the river bank! Above you see the lodge from the side and below you see it from behind.

Here is the old mill house at the top of an abandoned human mill and cement dam that the beavers have dammed up. The water was high the weekend of April 4.

Above you see the pond above the millhouse as seen from the beaver lodge.

This photo above is of beaver teeth marks on a standing tree.
Below you see examples of trees that are no longer standing.

Above: the grove on the brook is being systematically logged by the beaver on both sides of the brook.

John found this folding ruler by the side of the new lodge. The ruler was metric. Which confirms what we all suspected: these are Canadian beaver!
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  1. Your ending made me giggle, Canadian beaver. Those guys are amazing to consider and see what they have done, but they sure can reek havoc on a forest! Fun post.

  2. Those Beaver sure looks busy as beaver are.
    I haven't seen much action with the beavers around here.
    I real haven't checked anything out.

    Coffee is on.

  3. Aww! The wonders of nature! It would be great to catch one in action huh? I have never seen a beaver in real life though. LOL

  4. Canadian It's amazing what those little animals can do with their teeth. We don't have them here, but they do fascinate me.

  5. They are part of the natural cycle. Less destructive than pine beetle or fire.

    My ex-father-in-law waged a war with beavers on his pond in S. Carolina. He poisoned them and knocked down their den. His son was a SOB, too.

    Stopping by for BYBS.


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