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The Billy Buskin (The Horse) Civil War Memorial

What's the story - Wilmot Civil War memorial
Date: December 18, 2006
Page: B01 / Section: Local/State

WALKERS IN WILMOT Flat may notice an unusual Civil War memorial. Alongside the former Chase Farm lies a plaque dedicated to an equine veteran of that war. Billy Buskin, a horse who lived to the unusual age of 30, was buried here by his owner.

Capt. Francis Chase, who rode Billy Buskin throughout the war, was a wagon master of an ammunition train during the war, according to Florence Langley's history of Wilmot, Glimpse of the Past.

Chase originally asked for special permission to bury his companion with the Chase family in the town's Pine Hill Cemetery, said Barbara Sanborn, a town historical society member and a member of the bicentennial committee that created the monument. The cemetery said no, so Chase buried Buskin near his home.

Descendents of Chase donated the plot to the town in 1973, along with the nearby plot where Chase's dog, Captain, rests.


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  1. When we were looking for campgrounds, I found one in Sabine National Forest that includes the National Hall of Fame Cemetery of Foxhounds. It is the final resting place for many world renowned hunt dogs.

    I didn't know we even hunted with hounds in Texas?!

  2. In Hartford, CT there is the State Armory. And in there is a stufffed terrier that fought in WWI or the Civil War or the Punic Wars. I forget which. So there have been many uses for terriers besides killing rats and bears and foxes.

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  4. Have you stopped cat blogging? Miss that fat fuzzy of yours!


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