Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Black Bear at Back Door

Matt was wandering about the house tonight talking on the phone when he saw this bear in the back dooryard, very close to the house. I was shooting with the Canon XSi, he was doing video with the Canon Power Shot. She was there longer than the video shows. I am processing the still shots now and will post them as soon as possible. As Matt says, she was cute, but not something you want to go out and play with. You can hear a wood thrush singing in the woods at the end of the video. The bird feeders were taken down and destroyed by the raccoons a month ago, so the bear was not coming for the feeders. John says the average size for black bear is 125 lbs and that this bear is around 250 lbs. She seems to be timid as if looking for food for her cubs.

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  1. Wow ! that's really another world for me ! I only saw bears in a zoo and you have one behind your house ! that's just crazy !

  2. I wanted to say "there goes the neighborhood" when I saw the video. It must be really interesting to have bears around, and maybe a bit of an anxiety generator at the same time. I did hear the comment "I hope all the cats are in."

    Bears did make appearances in NY and NJ when I was living there, though I didn't see one up close. I've mostly encountered bears in parks.

  3. Yes, I hope the cats were in, too. That is the most amazing video...right on your doorstep, wow! Fantastic, thanks for showing us, Andree

  4. this is awesome...I too get an errant visit to my feeders by a roaming black bear here in the woods of the Pocono Mountains of N.E.PA.
    thanks for the video and the always fun articles you post!

    Ami, purplepansy3@gmail.com

  5. Not sure I can think of anything cute about having a black bear at your back door! But awesome video. And your photos are really great. I don't see much shaking.

    I suppose a black bear is better than a mountain lion, which my son had back behind his house last year.
    The wild fires consumed their habitat.

  6. That is just incredible! I wonder sometimes what I would do if one showed up on our doorstep? Does she have cubs close by, do you think? Part of me thinks this is just so awesome, but another says, don't let you cats out! :)


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