Friday, May 22, 2009

Goslings on the Beaver Pond

These four goslings hatched last Saturday, May 16: it was dusk when I tried to photograph them this past week and even with the tripod I didn't have enough light so the shutter was slow and the geese were moving. But it's the only one I have of the babies. They are so tiny and yellow! And very well behaved. The parents keep them sheltered and out of sight in the sunlight. It is touching to see how the six geese swim the ponds together.

Before the babies hatched, the mother (above and below) left the nest twice a day that I observed. She left for breakfast and supper. Here she has returned after supper, preens her feathers and settles in for the night.

The father was only around when the mother left the nest. Otherwise, he was always out on the ponds patrolling the area. There is another pair of geese on the far back pond and this dad would sit in the rushes observing them. If they got too close to his nest, he would beat them back.


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