Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blackwater Dam

I am learning about the sights and history of New Hampshire as John and I tour the area. He took me to the Blackwater Dam in Webster last weekend. The Blackwater River flows across the road from our house and it is an unremarkable river here as it flows through the flats, creating a small wetland. I have not even had a chance to explore across the road yet. The brook that flows through our land and creates our three ponds drains into the Blackwater. Downstream the Blackwater flows through beautiful forests and huge erratics and finally arrives in Webster, where it is dammed. The entire flood plain around the dam is federally managed land. Below the dam is a park where we explored and found Indian Cucumber, Partridge berries, cinnamon ferns, silvery cinquefoil and sand blackberries. The road to the actual bottom of the dam was closed, so we will be returning to view that.

Some facts about the dam from the sign at the site:
  • Completed 1941
  • Length 1,150 Feet
  • Cost $1,320,000
  • Height 75 Feet
  • Capacity 15,000,000,000 gallons
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  1. Dams fascinate me...especially the big ones when they let the water go. The noise is deafening and the roiling, tumbling water awesome.


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