Friday, June 26, 2009

Hydroelectric Power in Quechee

Electric turbine at Simon Pearce that generates electricity from the power of the Ottauquechee River.
Electrical control panel. Simon Pearce sells power to the grid when they don't use what they generate.
Above: the intake diversion and screen system at the place where the water comes into the turbine. The grate is angled to lift out branches and debris from the river. The debris is deposited behind the trash rack (the grate). The wall out in front of the trash rack is low down close to the water to prevent water fowl from getting into the mechanism. Below: fish were battling the current of the intake because the bugs they like to eat were drawn in by the current.

Below: an old air duct.

Above: the turbine room showing the old arch of the old water intake for the water wheel.

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