Friday, June 26, 2009

A Visit From Andrew & Dan

Andrew & Dan came from Washington, DC to visit all of us on the weekend of June 13th. We met at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont on Sunday and then wandered over to Quechee Gorge and Quechee Village for some sight seeing. The Simon Pearce store and restaurant are on the river and the falls. Dan, Amelia and Matt are on the balcony over the falls in the photo above.

A plaque in the building says, "This building is what remains of a brick structure built about 150 years ago. Woolen cloth manufacture was carried out here off and on until 1951. This mill is believed to have been the largest US producer of fine soft wool flannel for baby clothes. In the years following 1951, the building fell into disrepair until Quechee Lakes started its village renovations several years ago. John Downers Mill has been the focal point of those renovations, which included rebuilding a covered bridge, restoration of the J. C. Parker house, Tinkham house, Barron and Burtch houses, the Gage house, Marshland Farm, a church building and others."
The covered bridge into the village is a "Quechee Lakes Development Corp., 1970 Steel Stringer, 90', spanning Ottauquechee River on Waterman Hill Road in Quechee village. Not an historic bridge, but worthy of mention due to its size, design and prominence as the principal entry to the village from Route 4."
The falls power the Simon Pearce store and are a beautiful view.

I miss seeing Amelia and Matt every day. They are in the Vermont house.
I never did get a photo of Andrew on this day. Very odd.
But Dan, Amelia, John and Matt can be seen in the Quechee Village Set.

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