Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buddy's Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis

We came home one afternoon to find Buddy hopping about excitedly — because of this garter snake. The snake was trying to bite Buddy. They are not poisonous snakes but do inflict heavy vet bills, so we did not allow Buddy to harm it. I then photographed Buddy and the snake under the steps of the side door. Because the light was so poor I had to heavily adjust the shadows so that you could see them staring at each other.

You can see more, and better, photos of this snake here.

Common Garter Snake Photograph Set

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  1. I'm grinning about your statement that garter snakes can inflict heavy vet bills. The picture of Buddy and the snake staring at each other is priceless.

  2. I am grinning too, that would never happen here besides harmless worms we don't have any snakes. But Rosie catched her first real mouse ! I will put up the post with a little video for Sunday !


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