Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons at Tannery Pond

Wingnut, furthest on the right, shivering while listening to instruction.

We are continuing swimming lessons in New Hampshire. Wingnut and I were both sure that the water would be warmer here since we are so far south of where his lessons were in the previous summers. But of course that is not true. It is a cool summer here and the water, Wingnut says, is actually colder than Willoughby and Shadow Lakes. He is in pain (or numb?) every morning after lessons. But he's sticking it out!

The fanciest (and cleanest) beach outhouse I have ever met.
For a very brief history of Tannery Pond, click here.


  1. Brrr...anything cold is too cold for me. I know, I know...I'm a sook. BTW, I've been meaning to ask you...why did you move from Barton? Not that your new surrounds aren't as picturesque, they are, but I'm a little curious.

  2. I remember taking swimming lesson in the lake when I was a kid.

    Coffee is on.


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