Monday, July 27, 2009

Turkey Families

Everywhere we go now, there are family groups of turkeys running around. Groups of mothers with the chicks are out and about. I've been taking photos while I drive, through the windshield, as I ride my bike . . . they are everywhere. But yesterday this group of two moms and about seven chicks was in our fields eating grasshoppers all afternoon. I finally got some decent (but not great photos). The chicks are about the size of chickens now. But I did see one mom after church and her chick was a tiny newborn.

The mom makes a constant, soft noise so that the chicks can know where she is and follow. It is a beautiful sound. The chicks chirp behind her all the way. One day, I accidentally prevented a chick from following its mother across the road and its distress cry was upsetting. I had stopped in the road and the chick wouldn't cross the road with me there until I backed up the car. Then it raced across and happily joined the family.

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  1. We have wild turkeys too, called bush or scrub turkeys. If they get into the garden, they can ruin it overnight. The male incubates the eggs and to do so, he builds an enormous mound...about four tonnes of dirt...which does absolutely nothing for a freshly dug and mulched garden. A friend and I had a hilarious time one afternoon trying to catch one of these turkeys to relocate it elsewhere before it started excavating her garden. We did it eventually, but were totally exhausted afterwards...

  2. I used to see them a lot--but rarely now that I live in the city! I really miss living in the country! WAH!


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