Friday, August 21, 2009

Before & After

There is a lot of construction going on here at home. John is rennovating a large room into offices for us both. Wingnut and I moved our painting projects into the area, also. I had bought an old iron bed in Barton years ago but never refinished it. Above, you see it with one half of the first coat of paint on it. Below you see a chair and chest of drawers that we repainted for the small guest room that Wingnut is using this summer.

The house is still chaotic and horribly dusty from the sawdust. The only things I have unpacked are my kitchen things, a few books, my clothes and my computer and cameras. But when the rennovations are done and I am unpacked it will be a beautiful home.

Below you see the finished guest room. There is still work to be done (I need the proper curtains, some wall plates and wall hangings, lamp, rug). I am very proud of this iron bed! Buddy, of course, jumped right up when the camera came out. He makes a great addition to the room.

Buddy, who has been in love with Wingnut since they met years and years ago when Wingnut was tiny, was just in heaven when Wingnut joined us in the finished bedroom. I confess to being a bit jealous of their relationship because my Buddy isn't mine for two months every year when Wingnut is with us!

This work was done in July but I simply have not had the heart to stay up to date with the blogs because of our sad losses of Charlie and Turnip. But I think I will begin to catch up now.


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