Friday, August 21, 2009

CSS Help Needed

If anyone knows how to repair my blog template here, could you please email me (use the e-mail button on the right sidebar)? The gutter between the middle and right sidebar used to be the same width as between the left and middle sidebar. Also, none of the text in the right sidebar should be center justified.

I know that awhile back I was messing with the template code but I am pretty sure that I discarded and did not save any changes. For all I know, Google has been messing with stuff again (like they did with the pic sizing codes).

I know that if given enough time I could solve this. But perhaps I would make it worse, too. So if you could tell me what to do to fix this, I would be eternally grateful! Thank you.



  1. Looks fine in goold ol' IE6. Have you fixed it already?

  2. I have to thank you, Anon, for your comment. Because of it, I ran to J's PC (he uses IE8) and sure enough, the blog is fine. And then I remembered that I had increased the point size in all of my browsers so that I could read pages easier on this small laptop screen.

    Boy do I feel dumb.
    Thank you again.


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