Friday, August 21, 2009

Turnip's Last Photos

At the very end of July very early in the morning, Zorro brought another mouse into the house. Of course, the mouse was alive. Zorro dropped his prey as soon as I praised him and Possum and Turnip promptly claimed it. They tried to put it in my purse. When I said no, they tried to take it to bed to give to John but I said no again. Here is Turnip trying to find a spot in the house where he can enjoy the mouse. As soon as the mouse died all the cats went outside for more.



  1. Turnip looks like he was having great fun with that mouse. Thank you for e-mailing me about Turnip. Unfortunately, I have been without Internet access for almost two weeks. I am so very sorry about Turnip. At least it was quick for him.

  2. I've had a cat killed by a car. That's why my two are now indoor cats. I am sorry to learn of Turnip's sudden demise, Andree.

  3. Sorry to hear about your boy Turnip. Looks like he had an awesome life, and we are sorry to hear about his sad passing. He looks a real character, and you must all miss him around the house.

    Poppy Q


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