Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yup, I Do Need CSS Help

Remember last week when I hollered "Help!" and then said "Never mind!"? Well it turns out that I do need help. Above is a screen shot of this blog as seen in Google Chrome, Safari, Camino, Firefox and Flock on both a PC and a Mac (as applicable). The left and right gutters should be the same size (small) and the right sidebar should be left justified. I don't know what I have done to the blog template and if you could help me figure it out, I'll be indebted to you!

Below is a screen shot of the blog as seen on Internet Explorer 8 — and the blog page is just right. It is also right in IE6. But in any other browser I have tested, whether Mac or PC, the blog is rendered wrong. Can you help?

Please leave a comment or email me (on the top of the right sidebar). If you don't know, ask somebody who might!

UPDATE: I looked at Firefox on a PC when this post loaded and it looks correct. Last night and this morning it was wrong. So what's going on here? One moment it's good, the next moment it's bad.


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