Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buddy’s Eye

Buddy had been catching snakes every day all summer. Remember?

One snake finally bit him in the eye and he actually lost sight in the eye. He had a hard time negotiating around outside and finally he stayed in most of the time. It has healed now and he is back outside hunting.

And this is his biggest prey . . . grasshoppers. Everyday he brings home one to three of them. John sees Buddy outside catching and eating them. He ate one in front of my computer desk. The crunch was nauseating!

I find it fascinating that a grasshopper’s camouflage is not only on its skin but in its eyes. Also, they look as if they have human teeth. I wonder if that is a defensive marking to make them look ferocious to predators. Too bad it doesn’t scare Buddy!



  1. That sounds scary, for Buddy to lose sight in one of his eyes. Glad he's doing well now (even though it means he's hunting grasshoppers).


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