Monday, September 21, 2009

Fishing From A Kayak

Wingnut casts his line.

He caught a shiner!

Using the shiner as bait.

And finally . . . a perch. Too small to eat, though.

We had a great morning on Piper Pond as Wingnut was fishing. I practiced using the waterproof Olympus 8000 and practiced paddling maneuvers. I thought I had improved a lot, but alas. . . John says I am still woefully lacking in paddling skills. Wingnut is so much better than I am. We left when it began to thunder so we didn't get in as much fishing as we had hoped. This was our last summer outing with Wingnut. You can view a series of still photographs I used to make a 7 second video of Wingnut paddling on this pond by clicking here.

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