Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turkey Traces

The flock of wild turkeys is on our property every day all day long yet I have only found one feather in the fields. One is better than none!

The turkeys take dust baths in two spots — out front at the edge of the drive where there are millions of ant nests. And out back, as seen here,  near the first pond (where the partridges bathe also). I hope to get photos of a turkey bath before the snow comes because they are hilarious things to watch.

Yes, there is plenty of turkey poo all over the place. But here is something interesting — the hens try to cover up their poo just like cats do. I suppose that is because of predators. But this defensive action just ain’t working! You can see the scratch marks as she tried to cover the scat up. Perhaps she lacks the ability to pay attention to details.


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  1. We have scrub turkeys here, comical creatures they are, until they dig up the whole garden in order to make a 4 tonne mound in which to incubate their eggs. I'l be interested to see a picture of yours.


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