Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Under Tannery Pond (The New Camera)

The Canon Rebel was behaving erratically after I dunked it in the Merrimack River. We would get it working and suddenly the battery would discharge again in the middle of shooting or the blue print light would come on and all other functions would stop. We continued to dry it in the sun with all compartments open, but I had decided it was time to send it off to Canon for repairs. I couldn't rely on the old Kodak Z700 and I couldn't be without a camera, so I bought a waterproof Olympus Tough 8000. It's a great backup camera and something I can take out on a kayak safely.

We immediately took the Olympus to Tannery Pond (where swimming lessons are) and tested it out! The video here may be rather boring for all of you — but I enjoy it and it is an archive of what Wingnut and I did this summer. I also got a chance to play with Windows Movie Maker again. Wingnut let the Olympus float in the pond on the floating strap and caught fish swimming by. I enjoy seeing what the bottom of the pond looks like. The camera did very well. Finally, I swam out with the Olympus and took my self-portrait!

None of the new “adventure” (waterproof/shockproof/freeze proof) cameras seem to have viewfinders, which is disappointing to me. This Olympus is 12 megapixels and has all the bells and whistles we are used to in our cameras. It is a lot of learning for me. Wingnut was a great help when he was here and taught me some fantastic panoramic tricks but he’s home now and I’m on my own.

By the way — the Canon? It stopped acting up and has worked perfectly until I plugged the cable into the computer to download photos. After downloading, the camera would not turn on again and the blue light stayed on no matter what we did. I let it sit overnight after recharging the battery and I woke up to a working camera. From now on I will download photos with a card reader.


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  1. Cute SP! I HATE (HATE!) the fact that many of the new cameras have ni viewfinders! AK!!!! :-(


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