Saturday, October 31, 2009

Driving to Connecticut

I have an irrational fear of being a passenger while driving through heavy traffic. When we went to Old Saybrook in September, John drove the truck. To keep myself busy and calm, I began to record the heavy southern New England traffic. It worked. I didn't shriek out as often. None of you will be interested in watching this long, pointless video. But it has lots of memories in it for me. Watching this, for me, is identical to riding a hellish roller coaster (which I will never do). I get the same dropping feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If you click on the times below, you will be taken to a new window in youtube. Then, click "more" on the right hand description of the video, then click the time section again that you want to see. After the video loads, you can watch just that section that you clicked.

0:00 - 1:30 The video begins in Wallingford, which is just north of New Haven. The truck windows have never been cleaned. See how close the trucks are? How fast people drive down there?

1:31- 3:33 Traffic comes to a scary, screeching halt just outside of New Haven. It's always like this. For miles. Until i-95 which takes you to New York City. Which is why it's always awful.

3:34 - 3:46 We move to the right lanes to get off of this insanity. We can use GPS to go through the city streets of New Haven to get to Anna's house.

3:47- 6:08 We exit at the police station and train station. The train station is old and pretty. The police station looks like a fortress. Traffic is just as awful but at least it isn't as dangerous. The bridges in New Haven are unique. To me. We have to cross one of them in order to get to Anna's place on Long Island Sound.

5:30 a man gets out of a car next to us because it's quicker to walk to the train station than to drive.

6:09 - 7:35 We leave Anna's place after picking up a desk that she has for Amy. We now get onto i-95 North (towards Providence) to get to Old Saybrook from New Haven. You can see New Haven Harbor and the oil tank farm at 6:10. I counted a dozen construction cranes building stuff. Somebody's economy is doing good. The road is more narrow but traffic is better. It's easier to drive the further you get from NYC.

7:35 - end We are in Old Saybrook on the road that the weekend house is on. The road is on the Sound which you can see a bit of. Then we get to the house and I tape that.

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