Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mount Sunapee over Lake Sunapee

Click on the photo to view it larger and
see through the clear lake water to the rocky lake bottom.

On the hike at the Fells, you come to this beautiful view of Mount Sunapee on the other side of Lake Sunapee. Wikipedia has a great article on this lake. It is a glacial lake and the name comes from the Native American word "Soo-Nipi or 'Wild Goose Waters' for the many geese that passed over the lake during migration." The Sugar River, which we visited a couple of posts back at Wendall Marsh Dam, begins at Lake Sunapee.

View Sunapee Region in a larger map

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  1. What a picture of tranquility and it's so lovely to see clear waters without any rubbish or pollutants. You live in a beautiful place, Andree. I love seeing your photos.

  2. What a great view! Well worth the hike, I would say.

  3. Gorgeous and tranquil place! Wish I was there :)



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