Monday, October 19, 2009

One Single Impression: Conquer

Mighty hunting cat
warm days stalking in the fields

conquered by north winds

Zorro is our mighty hunter.
Look here and here if you have the stomach . . .

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  1. An admirable take on the prompt.

  2. Aw, poor Zorro. I guess his hunting expeditions are over until Spring. I like the poem very much.

  3. .. hi andree ,

    ( whenever i think of u & haiku _
    i think of ur poem on ~ morning glory )

    _ great write ! ..

  4. Clever - I know that feeling, too!

  5. I once adopted a big striped Tom Cat, who left half of a baby rabbit on my patio, every week for a month. Then he left one day and never returned. My neighbor, who had many cats, told me that Tom was real old and might have went to the woods to die. It hurt me so bad to lose him, I never got a pet again.

    I like your poem, and your cats are beautiful.

  6. Even hunters need a cave to rest in...thanks for this lovely piece!

    And yes, you've got it right about my post...Descartes' version of the world put human beings at the top of the pyramid, with white, male humans at the top of the top. Animals were subjugated, tortured for science. The natural world is not 'thinking' so it's not 'real.'

    Great book I"m reading 'A Language Older than Words' by Derrick Jensen about the language between and among all sentient beings that has been hushed, gagged and drowned by the domination...and what we can/must do to hear their voices again.

    Love to you!

  7. This is really great and powerful. And yet so simple. Transported me to another place.

  8. it's a different but beautiful rendition of the prompt...

    seems you kinda like animals so much, your template design says so...:)

  9. Oh I loved this! Hugs to you and Zorro.

  10. wonderful haiku for your fierce, beautiful hunter!


  11. I'm glad Zorro has a nice warm bed to hide in when the cold wind blows!

  12. ..
    Andrée, this is a nice haiku that I can relate to.
    Don't you think that Zoro is a winner biding his time? As soon as the winds calm he surely will be stalking the fields in the cold.
    Our cat, Farah, became an outside cat rather abruptly. She knew to bring us snakes and mice on the back door step. She was a nice cat as is your I am sure.

  13. Lovely post...such a delight to read. Is that your cat? He's sweet : )

  14. Excellent haiku and cute picture of Zorro...the Mighty Hunter!

  15. wonderful tale of your fantastic cat!

  16. great one!lucky lucky cat!

  17. Such a conquest would be easy to take under those fluffy covers!


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