Monday, October 19, 2009

Vilas Pool Dam

After we photographed the Wendall Marsh Dam and the Lempster Wind Farm, we drove past the Vilas Pool Dam. This is another site that we need to explore more. But for now, I am learning my way around New Hampshire. Vilas Pool is in Alstead, the site of the horribly tragic flood of October 2005. They are still rebuilding sections of Route 123 and downtown Alstead. If you are interested in geology, an excellent article about the Cold River is Cold River Geology from A fascinating timeline of history of Alstead is generated by Google here.

from Atlas of Cold River:
Vilas Pool: Built and donated to the Town of Alstead by Charles N. Vilas in 1926. Facilities include a swimming beach, boat rentals, picnic and recreational areas, two pavilions, and a carillon tower.

The gorge under the dam is very deep. Do you see the girl down on the river?

Interesting water carved rock can be seen in the "thunder hole" at the bottom of the falls.

I added a video (not mine) from youtube
demonstrating quarry jumping in Alstead:

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  1. It looks like a very pretty and interesting area.

  2. i like the video you posted, especially since its people illegally jumping into the mines on my parents property. Not your fault, but if people were to go there and try it and get hurt my family would be liable.


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