Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wendall Marsh Dam

Wendall Marsh and the dam are at one end of Lake Sunapee in Sunapee. The fishing, I am told, is great. The marsh is beautiful and worth exploring for wildlife next season. There are over 4,800 dams in New Hampshire built from the 1700s to the present. Some dams are unsafe — and future posts will demonstrate this. I'm not used to seeing so many dams and it seems as if they are everywhere. I'm becoming more fascinated with them. (Perhaps I'll photograph them all!) Their uses, in New Hampshire, are:
fire protection 8%
electric power 5%
water 3%
flood control 2%
(source: Wikipedia)

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  1. I like this shot. I don't know why those little buildings where the controls are always make me feel lonely. Peaceful and lonely. A strange mix.

  2. It's beautiful there. Hmmm, that's only 18%. What are the other 82% of the dams for? Beavers?


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