Monday, November 30, 2009

OK So One More Pointless Video

We went to Barton for a visit on Columbus Day weekend (October 10th weekend). This is also the peak color weekend here and the leaf peepers were clogging the highways in New Hampshire. Fortunately, the roads were clear in northern Vermont. But I was tense enough to take one more pointless video.

If you click on the links below, you will be taken to the video on, where you can again click the time of the video and then see only that section of the video:

0:00-0:31 I-89 North from New London, NH to rest stop
0:32-0:54 I-89 North Rest stop before Lebanon. Leaf peepers.
0:55 - 1:10 I-91 North in Vermont just north of White River. Red sumac
1:11- 2:45 I-91 North Comerford Dam on Connecticut River, Barnet, VT.
2:46 - 7:23 I-91 North Sheffield Heights, Wheeler/Glover/Barton Vermont in the Northeast Kingdom. Highest elevation on I-91 (nearly 2,000 ft or 610 m). The furthest mountains are in Canada.
4:13 Barton Mountain. The triple hump: tall on right, medium in the middle and small on the left. My house is 800 feet below the medium hump, halfway up.
4:51 on our way downhill from the Heights to Barton Village at 900 feet. You drop 1,000 feet on the highway in a short time. Gets rough in the winter.
7:24 to the end: the road to my Vermont house. The neighbors, the mountain, the horses.


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