Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Single Impression: Reincarnation

Amy says, "No names!
She isn't Henny Penny
'cause she'll be Parmesan!"

OK, not a true haiku. But it serves my purpose this week! My daughter Amy's flock of Barred Rocks are so much fun to watch. And to indulge myself, I am posting my newest Barred Rock movie below — all 11 seconds of it. I took a series of burst photographs and strung them into a short where each photo is a frame that lasts 0.15 seconds. To see my other chicken movies (and to learn a bit about New England's Barred Rocks), click here to go to my previous post.

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  1. What pretty chooks, Meeyauw, I love the little clucking noises chooks make when they're all happy and contented after being fed and having rid themselves of the egg. It's a "life's good" sound.

  2. Hi Andree,

    Those chickens in the pic, we have a lot here of that kind in the Philippines...:)

    have a nice day....:)

  3. An enjoyable treatment of the prompt. Nicely done.

  4. Love the photos and as much as I enjoy watching chickens...I also enjoy eating them.

    You made me smile:)

  5. Wonderful treat for this prompt, these are very beautiful --- I would hate to eat them. I haven't seen chicken like this since I was a wee child. Also enjoyed the other short film.

  6. Nicely done. Great picture too!

  7. True to Haiku, you brought it home at the end! Nice clever twist!

  8. Aww...very sweet; this one made me smile.

  9. I am glad you had fun with this because it was a great laugh.

  10. Now chicken flix was a real treat. Like Parmesan and nearly as sweet.

  11. Great chix! I haven't chatted in a while. How are things?

  12. very cute! :)

  13. Andrée, those chickens may have the right idea! :-) Very clever 'haiku' today. :-)
    My grandmother had Plymouth Rocks (same Barred) and Rhode Island Reds. We had mostly 'white' chickens and a few Buff Orpingtons. And sometimes a few 'Banties'.

  14. What pretty birds! I love your take on this prompt. Nice one Andree.

  15. Cute interpretation for the prompt!


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