Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pansy's Big Weekend

I don't write too often about Pansy because she doesn't like me. But she is changing here in New Hampshire. Without dogs and with the ability to go outside, this disabled cat is learning trust and how to enjoy life. She is interacting with John and me more every day. She even talks to us now!

Last weekend was unseasonably warm and Pansy enjoyed sunning nearly the entire day on the deck. The next day, Monday, I was looking out of a window in the back of the house and I saw her hobbling back to the house . . . with a mouth full of mouse!

This was the best photograph that I got of her with her kill. When I got too close, Pansy abandoned the mouse and returned to the back field. But what a big day for her! Pansy is over 10 years old and this was her first kill! And she was bringing it home! John and I were both so proud of her. And so happy for her.

By the way, the mice in Vermont that the cats brought home were less than half this big. In Vermont, this would be the size of a rat. If Vermont had rats. Which it doesn't. This thing was huge! Warmer weather does create larger critters.

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  1. Bless her little furry socks...she obviously feels far more comfortable at your new place, Andree. She's such a pretty girl, too. May that be the first of many mice for Pansy.


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