Sunday, November 22, 2009

Town Dump

Why photos of the town dump? Well, I'm pleased to have one. In Vermont dumps were closed years ago and you have to pay for trash removal. There are recycling centers in each town for plastic, glass and metal. But everything else has to be hauled out by private contractors. The dump here in New Hampshire (and each town seems to have its own dump) accepts everything. You still have to sort and deposit stuff in the proper dumpster. The town makes money by selling the trash to companies that recycle and process it.

Our dump is on the edge of the Mt. Kearsarge State Forest where we hike just by walking out the back door. The last time we walked through the dump we got a good bundt cake pan that we use frequently. The dump attendant pulls useful items out of the trash and displays them in a special area for people to look through. You can find good, free stuff at dumps.

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