Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas 2009

From the first Sunday of Advent, when I baked the communion bread until our tree (cut out back) came down on Three Kings Day, we had a very quiet and meaningful Christmas.

The advent wreath was made by a church member from a traditional design with boughs and herbs from the New Hampshire forest. Every item had a meaning. Prayer shawls were laid under the flowers on the communion table. I heard the organ for the first time. Christmas Eve service was especially memorable as John and I attended together.

We had ham on Christmas and shrimp on New Years. The cats enjoyed the tree and only took a few ornaments and part of a string of lights off of the tree. They especially enjoyed sleeping under it. John said it reminded them of being in the woods in the summer.

We had a lot of snow during Advent. The cats were dismayed at this, but would venture out on the deck occasionally for the fresh, cold air.

I took few photos. But there are enough here for me to always remember our first Christmas. I hope yours was peaceful and joyful.

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