Friday, January 01, 2010

Late Autumn At Home

In early November, John, Buddy and I walked out back before it snowed. I captured these sights. Above, we were at the top of a ridge out back. Without the foliage you can see the ridge across the way on a clear day. But there was a beautiful mist that I tried to capture on the Olympus Tough 8000 camera. We finally had to send the Canon DSLR camera to Canon for repairs. It totally stopped working in the cold air. It is back home now after $310 of repairs for dunking it in the river when I fell in with the camera around my neck. I had trouble focusing these photographs on the Olympus.

Above is one of the unique root growths that I see so frequently in New Hampshire. There are so many boulders in New Hampshire that trees wrap their roots around them and grow in crevasses of them. The soil may wash away later on, leaving these beautiful structures behind.

Above you can see a small cave in the woods. John often played in the cave when he was a child.

A fungus on a dead log. I don't know if this is a Turkey Tail fungus or not. Next summer I want to learn how to identify the turkey tail because it is one of the showiest fungi of the woods.


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  1. Really nice pictures. I really like the tree growing around the rock and the fungus.


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