Saturday, March 27, 2010

Craftsbury, Vermont Is a Good Place to Retire in New England -

Craftsbury, Vermont Is a Good Place to Retire in New England -
This is an excellent article about the NEK from a former Long Island native who has retired in the Kingdom. I agree with the statement that "Single people, especially, complain of isolation." I truly enjoy being alone but the winters, even for me, could be excruciatingly long. I have often joked that Vermont's first in the nation civil union law (which has been replaced by a marriage equity law) was not about politics. It was about Vermonter's concern that nobody be alone in the winter.

I often drove through snowstorms at night for long hours where there were no cars and where nobody lived. There were just miles and miles of forest with an occasional wolf walking down the road in the storm. I remember worrying that if I went into a ditch it could be a long time before I was ever found. The women at school began to check in on me in the winter to make sure I was OK, and I appreciated that. They said everybody needs to have somebody worry that they are safe at night.

I kept busy during storms with photography, observing the wildlife, reading and music. The Barton community is marvelous. The library is an important part of life there, as is the church.

I have wonderful memories of those days. If you are alone in the Kingdom, reach out and let others know.
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