Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots to Learn

The girls were very curious when I went into the barn.
I found 5 eggs and held all of them in one hand while I had the big camera in the other. There are 11 hens in the flock. I never got all 11 in the frame on this visit.
They all thought something was interesting off on the left.
I dropped an egg! But 5 of the hens raced over to eat it up. I thought that was helpful of them.
Amelia told me that by allowing them to eat the dropped egg, I may have taught them to peck their eggs open. That's a bad thing. Sorry! From now on, I take an egg basket into the barn with me.
diigo it


  1. Those eggs look big! I never knew chickens would eat their own eggs. Very interesting!


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