Friday, March 05, 2010

My Piano!

Our new piano is in storage at the moment.

Score of the Waldstein Sonata
I have a piano! Finally! After having to give up the piano that I had in Connecticut in order to move to Vermont — the piano that Andrew played — we bought this baby grand. We bought it but it can't be delivered until after mud season. Thankfully, mud season is early this year (or earlier than it is in Vermont), so I am unpacking my Beethoven and Chopin scores (and all the others, too). And Andrew? Next time you visit, we will regale everyone with our Brahms' Hungarian Dances duets again! Soon, I will be practicing my Chopin preludes. Whoo hoo!!
diigo it


  1. How wonderful for you !
    Thank you so much for your kind words concerning the death of Lisa.
    It was great time that we called the vet for Lisa. She would have starved isn't that awful. I think she was only hungry a little for one day before I realized that she couldn't eat anymore. Her head was full of tumors, said the vet. Poor thing, but she had a good life. It was less painful to let her go because we were prepared and had time to say good bye.


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