Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Week of Riches

My son Andrew and I are night owls. We chat a lot in the middle of the night — trading recipes and talking about his sisters (I hear the girls' ears perking up now!). Andrew has been making a lot of artisan bread in his Le Creuset cast iron pots. We don't have one. So Andrew bought us one and it came this week! I have dough almost ready to bake now and I can't wait to see if I can make it as successfully as Andrew does. I even ordered the high heat proof handle from Le Creuset on the night he bought us the pot, and you can see that John has put it on in this photo. Later this weekend I may post Andrew's iPhone photos of his kitchen in Washington, DC. His Silence of the Lambs Kitchen!

But for now, here are the links for the artisan bread recipes for baking in cast iron pots:
John also got us an inexpensive, study cast iron pot that looks just like this one but was $40 cheaper at WalMart!

diigo it

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