Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Before Photos

This is the "before" photo of the back of our home from the newly cleared field. The 100+ year old house needs more work than I ever knew because of one hundred years of additions. When the renovation is over, there will be dormers (front and back), an bedroom on the left side of the first floor of the house, a new kitchen, and renovation of all the rooms and bathrooms. John has already found evidence of a 100 year old attached woodshed and barn on the house.

The raised earth in front of the front porch was once a walkout basement.

The septic system design engineer pointed out that there originally was a walkout basement. Walkouts were used for wood delivery. There was a road that went under the house so that a wagon with horses could back into the cellar to deliver wood. Our walkout was under the front porch. Walkouts usually were lined on both sides with stone walls. When they were abandoned, the walkout would have simply been filled with earth, leaving the stone walls behind. I am considering excavating this walkout, but that would be a lot of work.

The fields have pretty much been cleared now. The barn will be torn down and rebuilt. I have many photographs of the work inside the house that has been done so far and you will see them regularly now.

So things are a mess here but we are busy (especially John who is doing all the work!), exhausted, full of plans and having dust induced asthma!
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  1. So are you back in VT for the summer? I've noticed the subtle change in your web page banner...


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