Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brush Hogging with Chickens

This is what it's like to brush hog when you have chickens. They quickly learn that you are digging up worms. Just for them. And then they follow the noisy, smelly tractor for more. They follow you everywhere. You can't even run them over because they are quick footed but you constantly worry that you might. The photo above is a normal shot from the back door. (Someday I may just persuade somebody to restore my cedar post clothesline so I don't have to use that awful plastic and metal whirligig one.) Below, is a zoomed in shot of John and chickens brush hogging the upper field.

By the way, just past John in these photos, he found a huge colony of trout lilies that I had never seen before! It's an exciting find and I can't wait until the thousands of lilies there bloom in a couple of weeks!
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  1. Hubs came home the other day and informed me that we need some Guinneas (sp?). He said that while he was working on a house, he watched the people's Guinneas walk back and forth all day long eating bugs out of the lawn. We have a serious tick problem, so Hubs is now thinking the Guinneas would help with that. I asked, "Wouldn't chickens do the same thing???" He said, "I don't know if they'd eat ticks or not."


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