Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peeper Eggs (The Next to Last Photo)

These are the eggs of a spring peeper frog (Pseudacris crucifer) in New Hampshire in our former home. John sold his properties in New Hampshire and for the past two weeks we have been moving back to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. We have gone full circle now by returning to the place that I love. This was the next to the last photo that I took in New Hampshire at our former home (the last photos can be seen here on my other blog).

It's exciting to be back and my old friends are very happy for us and are welcoming us every day. John has been busy beginning renovations to the barn, house and land. I have never seen any person work as hard as he does. He's discovered things about this 100+ year old farm house that I never knew. Besides unpacking and organizing us, I have been to a movie at the library, with Amy, and I made the brownies. I was given a special spot in the book discussion group that is overly full. I have been asked to return to the Shakespeare Reading Group. The people at the stores are all smiles and say they are glad we have returned. My hair stylist had gotten me up to date on all the local news. There is no place like the Kingdom!

The peeper eggs have special meaning for us. The beaver bog across the road has so many peepers that you can't talk on the phone with the windows open. Well, you can't have the windows open this week because, despite it being mid-April, it has been snowing every day (gotta love this Vermont weather!). At the end of every winter here I wait and wait for the peepers to sing me to sleep. And now I can share all of the riches of nature here — and the peepers! — with John. We sit together at our computers on the sun porch every morning and watch the beavers, loons, geese and ducks. The otters were here yesterday and a moose strolled by two mornings ago.

We both miss central New Hampshire. It was an exciting experience for me. There were stores, great bike paths, all the roads were paved, and the church and it's members became very important to me. Zorro will miss the chipmunks, which we don't have here. But there was poison ivy (which we also don't have) and congestion in central New Hampshire. New Hampshire is very developed and urban. I'm afraid I prefer to be in this remote area.

Stay tuned for my new adventures in my new life in the Kingdom. There are many changes that will be coming!

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