Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Dogs

Amelia took this photo with my camera after John and I came back photographing bitterns, partridge, ducks and the waterfalls in town. It was a beautiful, warm day, a perfect spring day. Two of the dogs, Willow on the left and Scout on the right, were watching all of us from the sun porch window. Scout has her tongue out in this photo. John and I then mucked through the beaver bog and learned some interesting things about the beaver across the road (which will be in upcoming posts). That was Sunday. Monday was warm, also. Tuesday and today? Snow. All day. Over one foot deep. The trees in our woods were bent over so that I worried we would have more storm damage. We lost Internet for nearly the whole day. But it's going to be warm this coming weekend! The dogs (and cats and chickens) will be willing to go outside again!
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  1. Adorable picture. I would hate having snow at this time of the year. Makes Chicago sound balmy! Take care.


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