Saturday, May 08, 2010


There's a new backhoe on the tractor now. Because of the heavy snow last week(we got about 18 inches or 46 cm of snow here on the mountain), delivery was delayed a day. But it's here and it is a big help with brush hogging and boulder moving. And speaking of that snow storm, below is a photograph of the Big Room renovation. It was so cold that John installed the wood stove in the big unheated room so that we wouldn't freeze while we renovated. If you look closely, you can see the snow through the window on the right.

All of the boxes and stuff that you see in the Big Room have been moved to the attic now. The floor of the Big Room has been taken out because the joists need to be replaced. The room was built so poorly that it is being re-built.

Health update: John is just fine. Even breathing in mold, mildew, dust and mouse feces as he rebuilds the old house, he has no problems from the cold he had. But me? Not so lucky. I went back to bed today. Buddy got into the 'nip and slept it off most of the day with me. He woke up late in the afternoon, got into more 'nip and then staggered outside. All of us, both the sick and the drunk, feel better tonight.

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