Monday, May 10, 2010

Cats on Tuesday: My Buddy

Buddy (33)
Images of Buddy last week when he and I lay in the upper field watching the chickens and then went for a short walk in the woods to see the trout lilies and trillium that were in bloom. Buddy still loves to walk in the woods with me. He'll always be my special Buddy.

Buddy (25)

Buddy (11)
Very few cats would try to catch a chicken. But they all love to think they can catch one and therefore, stalk one!

Buddy (20)

Buddy (25)

Buddy (46)

Buddy (56)

Buddy (60)

Buddy (63)
I am sorry that I have missed COT the past couple of weeks and have not responded to your kind comments. We have moved and are renovating our house (my old Vermont house) and then we got sick. But I'm back! And I've missed visiting all of you.

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  1. What sweet pictures ! He looks like such a happy cat to walk through the woods and also meet chicken, lol !
    Arthur too loves to walk with me when I walk our neighbor's dog, he walks behind us for a while but then he returns home when it is too far.

  2. Buddy is so adorable!He is having lots of fun try to catch that chicken, it's cute!
    Happy Tuesday and please to meet you dear friend!

  3. Buddy sure was happy walking and stalking.

  4. Buddy looks like a great pal!

  5. Buddy is too cute! Good job trying to catch the chicken, Buddy. You are a brave cat!

  6. Aww, those are really sweet pictures. It looks like Buddy still fancies himself quite the hunter :)

    Hope the renovations are going well.

  7. A good buddy is better than a chicken any day!

  8. A cat who goes on walks with his human---that's special.

  9. He's a great looking cat! He looks to be quite entertaining to watch too. This was a really fun post.


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