Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pansies for the Third Time

We've had to plant pansies in my ancient pot by the front stoop three times now. The crazed beagles dug them up two times. The dogs' leads have now been moved so they can't dig up the pansies anymore. (Crazed beagles can't be allowed to run free. I did that once during a blizzard, thinking that even crazed beagles wouldn't stay out long. Wrong. They were out for two hours, disappearing into the whiteout. I saw them chase the plow, and they finally came home and brought back some dead moose or deer bones from the woods. They were so proud.)

So Ironman and I went to the nursery. He picked out his pansy colors and then his sister's pansy colors and I picked out mine. We planted 36 pansy plants in the cast iron pot and they are doing fine. Even after two weeks of snow they are doing fine! And that is good because pansies are one of my favorites.

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