Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andrew & Dan Board the Vermonter

The Vermonter pulls into the station.
The day after our wedding, Andrew and Dan had to return to Washington, DC. They took the Vermonter from White River Junction in Vermont. It's a 12 hour ride. I drove them down Sunday morning. We had breakfast at P&H Truck Stop at Exit 17 of I-91.. It's the best place for breakfast (read articles about it here and here). I made sure the boys had lunch so that they wouldn't need to buy Amtrak food, and we finished the ride to White River. We arrived 10 minutes before the train. Now I could get my Amtrak photos! I took the portrait of the boys below, and it was time to board. (Note the hazy sky — we had not heard of the Quebec forest fires at this point, and I remember wondering why the usually sparkling Vermont air was dirty as if we were in Connecticut.)

Dan & Andrew just before boarding.
I took advantage of the time between when they boarded and when the train left the station to take too many photographs. Here are a few with a couple of links to more:

The boys board the train.
The Vermont leaves White River
The White River train station.
Note the cupola and copper locomotive weather vane on the train station in the photo above. I have a full size photograph of the weather vane on meeyauw's Photo a Day that is worth a look.

Engine 148 was at the end of the Vermonter.
A sad moment: the Vermonter was on its way to Washington

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