Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cats on Tuesday: Dirty Feet

Buddy's muddy feet after a morning of hunting.
I was very surprised to see Buddy come home in the morning with muddy feet. He usually hates getting his feet wet. But that goes to show you what the hunting instinct will do to a boy: it overcomes his distaste for dirty feet. Buddy will even hunt in the rain and come back soaked to the skin. But if you were to put him outside in the rain, he would vehemently object!

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  1. LOL I think Buddy had lots of fun!
    Cute picture!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  2. Hee hee, where have you been Buddy?

  3. Hope those muddy feet were worth it and Buddy caught whatever he was hunting! ;)

  4. I hope that Buddy caught what he was chasing to get muddy feet. I think I would hate muddy feet, though I don't seem to mind feet with litter caught in the tufts between my toes.

  5. Buddy must have had lots of fun on his hunt! By the way, the catnip plant in my picture stays on the front portch unless I bring it it. My cats shredded two branches before I took the pictures.

  6. Hehehe, cats on the hunt are the real Terminators!

  7. Too funny! I clicked through via LinkWithin, glad I did. Mr. Cheddar liked this too.

  8. Geraldine: this is still one of my favorite photos. Weird, huh? He's quite the cat!


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