Monday, July 05, 2010

Arthur's Playful Visit

I hadn't seen Arthur in over eight years. I tried to keep in touch but I couldn't find him and decided he had died on one of his annual pilgrimages to India. But he didn't! He got in touch with Amelia last winter, who gave him our New Hampshire phone number, and we had a reunion. In early June he finally visited us here in Vermont (he's never been here in all this time — we are pretty much off the beaten track). He stayed over night, played with the kids, ate well, and solved some computer problems. He is going to build us a RAID server for the photographs! Here are (some of) the photos of him playing with the kids. I love the happiness on the kids and Arthur, and I love the sky. This sky produced the rainbows we had later in the evening. You can also seem Arthur sitting on the barn roof in this video. We had a grand night that night!

The same Subaru he had back in 2000!


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